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"Huge shoutout to Energy Smart, they are taking my business to the 10X next level. Because of them, with all of their leads into the iClose system it's just a game changer."

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Online Solar Experts, US

"In an industry full of people who don't provide results. Energy Smart and Jarrad have actually done exactly that. They've provided us with sub-hundred dollar conversions to sale..."

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Solar Harness, UK

"Jarrad and Energy Smart exceeded our expectations. Told us we'd close 1:10 and we're closing like 1:5. He's helped us with staff, software, advertising and basically turned our business into 4x the profit from as is was before..."

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On Solar, AU

"By being with his sales team for two weeks, we were able to secure our largest account yet!"

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Energy Solar, US

"We have been using Energy Smart for years and they have been managing our accounts... It is unbelievable, we are absolutely booming!"

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Hypeelec, AU

"We have been using them exclusively for the last 2 years, we found their quality of service extremely high and the quality of the leads very good as well. Compared to other lead generation companies out there, Energy Smart are by far the best!"

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New Direction Solar, NZ